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My biggest interest lays in the intricacies of complex networks and their dynamics. Whether we analyze a financial system, a biological or a physical one, interactions between nodes over time is what truly fascinates me. I enjoy spending my time engaging in problems which require thinking outside the box to model behaviours under uncertainty conditions and engineer creative solutions. Over the years, I rarely did what others wanted me to. This obviously lead me to some harsh failures with countless bad decisions; however, from each one of these downturns I learned how to get back on track a bit stronger. Today I consider myself lucky enough to do what I love. I'm a strong believer in open and continuous learning, thus I don't think my growth journey will ever reach an end.

Contamination of Ideas

I've been lucky enough to encounter some of the world's most inspiring individuals along the way

Steve Wozniak

Apple, Inc.

HRH Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal

Kingdom Holding Company

Peter Liu


Werner Vogels

CTO - Amazon, Inc.

Stephen Schwarzman



My Better Half

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